Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast

The wines of the Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast are produced in five provinces within Tuscany: Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, and Grosseto.  What sets these provinces apart from others in Tuscany is the influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the region’s climate.

It is the sea, with its winds and its perfume, which gives the area its unique character.  Whilst each producer and microclimate may be different, they all share the influence of the coast as a common denominator.  And it was this understanding which drove the 80 producers of the Tuscan Coast to create a clearly definted identity.  By creating this new shared identity the producers would be able to better promote the wine and work together.

The “Grand Cru della Costa Toscana” gives a stamp of approval to those producers in the region who represent excellence.  It is part of the tapestry of the region where landscape, art and wine combine to create the special appeal of the region.

Among the Grand Cru, there are names that need no introduction, names are part of the history of the great wines of Tuscany.  And there are also wine producers who have pushed the boundaries of the regions traditions to create new types of wines and new traditions.  There are also the smaller producers who are at the start of their journey and who are surely destined to be some of the great names of tomorrow.  We want to share all their stories with wine lovers everywhere.

The producers of the region, whether large or small believed that they needed a common voice which would allow them to speak to the thing that make the region special, whether it’s a microclimate or the presence of old vines; whether it’s the influence of the terrior or the family histories; whether its about new processes, research or a new discovery.

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